The Jinhao Color Printing Group was founded in 1982. Mrs. Rose Liu had been with the company for more than 20 years before she took over the entire operation in 2012. Today she acts as owner & CEO. Her innovative and strategic thinking as well as her leadership qualities make the company a reliable and successful partner for publishers and brand owners world wide.

After more than thirty years of continous growth, Jinhao Color Printing Group is now one of the leading international companies in Shenzhen (China). With more than 350 staff at our printing plant and a close-knit sales team of more than 40 experienced sales consultants we work with customers all over the globe. We have a focus on people and take care of our employees. We promote the talents and creativity of our teams.

Jinhao Color Printing Group has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for high-quality printing and packaging. We specialise in children's books, commercial book printing, gift items & packaging.

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Jinhao Color Printing has a well educated and trained team of outstanding employees who are happy to attend to the needs of each individual customer. At our printing plant in Shenzhen, our sales team provides first-class service throughout the entire production process: from the quotation phase to processing and delivery of finished products.


This year we have set up a continental European office in Belgium. Mr. Mehmet Gemici (sales director Europe) will support and serve customers in these markets – he'll be able to work closer and more flexible with customers on the ground. 

Mehmet has been working for Chinese printing companies for more than 10 years serving the European publishing industry. He has acquired essential commercial and technical knowledge of the printing industry in his previous engagement in multinational printing companies. Mehmet Gemici holds a masters in political science from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and is fluent in German, English, Dutch and Turkish.

“It's all about outstanding productions of beautiful books.”

Mehmet Gemici, European Sales Director